When it comes to lust, men and women know what they like when they see it. People, when asked about their romantic preferences can give you only a vague outline of what they like or dislike but nonetheless they’ll immediately know if they see a figure materializing front of them. ┬áThe human body is such a finely tuned attraction-seeking machine, it takes only one second to intuitively decide whether someone’s physically arouses us or not.

What is it that determines who we are sexually attracted to? Attractiveness appears to depend upon a number of factors. Some of these are biological, others are psychological, and yet others have to do with our social environments.

Physical attraction solely for sexual arousal for most men is easy to find. Men can be very specific about what they find sexually arousing therefore a few characteristic traces like small breast or big breast, slim or curvy, blond or brunette would be sufficient to decide if they find the person sexually attractive.

Isn’t it all about physical attraction?

For women the convincing factor of sleeping with someone or not may lie in the partners resemblance to an alfa male or not. Of course ladies also have their preferences set on a tall or short guy someone with a muscular body or rather lean athletic.

The set of characteristics that let us decide whether or not we find someone sexually arousing are the same instincts in function that helped human species survive. This basic instinct although we are not only using it to find the perfect genetic mixture for our offspring is now guiding us to  the person we can have satisfactory, hot, steamy sex with.