Some of the reasons men prefer small breasts is because in their opinion these look youthful, healthy and athletic. They make the nipple look proportionally larger which is sensual. Also they look “friendly” or unpretentious, cute, cuddly.

Also heard a man say, and it sounded convincing, that if he can cover her breast with his hand, he get the sense that he can control it. He can surround it, and know all of it in one touch. They’re easier to handle. It suggests that women with smaller breasts are more athletic, more fit therefore can have healthier offspring.

Small Breast Escorts: enough to handle

Psychologists found, that men who are looking for short-term, low-commitment relationships, tend to prefer those women who have large breasts. And men who are looking for long-term, high-commitment relationships, tend to prefer women who have smaller breasts.

Many guys avoid women with larger breasts because of an assumption that they are less likely to be faithful to them. This doesn’t mean it’s so, it just means some men think it is.