The escorts of Red Escort Agency are your courtesan but with that little bit of extra. They gladly join you for a romantic dinner date, offer you the unsurpassed sensual Girlfriend Experience and provide an erotic massage that makes you feel reborn. And that little bit extra, as each escort at Red Escort agency has her very own specialty, call it fetish if you like.

Red Escort Service Amsterdam

Unlike many escort agencies, we do not offer an overview of all escorts with whom we work. Tailored advice is offered with each client as we look at the type of experience you are looking for, what type of escort you are looking for and which escorts we think also appreciate your company. Obviously, we take erotic preferences and appearance into consideration, but this match is also made for a connection on a social, emotional and intellectual level.

At any given moment, we work together with about 40 escorts, of which you will find a selection below. They are all Dutch, 21 years and older with a (very) slim to curvy figure. The escorts we work with see their activities as a high class escort as a part-time hobby, which they practice next to their studies or another job. As diverse as the escorts are in appearance and character, they also differ enormously in erotic preferences.

In order to receive a matchmaking proposal from us, we would like to ask you to introduce yourself as extensively as possible. Always tell us your first name, age and nationality, your dreams and passions, background, strengths and weaknesses. If we asked your best friend to tell us a little more about you, what would they say about you? In addition to the information about yourself that is necessary, we also ask that you tell us more about your dream escort. What kind of character and appearance does the escort have? What erotic preferences do you appreciate? Are there likes and dislikes to consider? Finally, we would like to know what type of experience you have in mind. Are you looking for a few hours of entertainment or do you want to spend several few days with your escort? What do you have in mind for your booking and are you still looking for suggestions?

We look forward to finding you a spectacular match! >>

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