Whether catholic or Japanese schoolgirl this topic has never been hotter. Dressing up as a schoolgirl is a fun activity that delights many wearer and viewers at the same time.

The uniform and the role played with it reminds most of people of their more youthful and simpler times when their curiosity in the opposite gender was rising and just started their sexual experimentation.

For most young individuals did not have the chance for sexual experimentation was not so they fantasize in an abstract way about what it would have been like and how much more confident and knowledgeable they would have been if they could have done it back then.

Schoolgirls and their outfits

There are two main categories of schoolgirl/boy outfits: the catholic schoolgirl and the Japanese schoolgirl. Now for most people the difference would be unnoticeable but for true fetishists it will be either one or the other.

The catholic schoolgirl uniform is so often used in sexual role-play that it hardly seems like a fetish at all. It is a mandatory item in every stripper’s wardrobe. In virtually all pornographic magazines and videos, you’ll find some pigtailed girl in a short plaid skirt acting young and innocent.

To start, the plaid skirt and white shirt are a must. It has a kind of innocence that says “where no man has ever gone before”. Depending on the height the skirt is set at or how many buttons are done up on the shirt, a girl says how much attention she’s looking to get from it.

Having a soft cotton skirt that’s inviting to touch and can hug a woman’s hips in the wind to show the form of her hips and bottom is sexy. The fact that it’s a skirt just opens up a bunch of dirty ideas such as easy access, upskirt viewing, penetration/oral sex with her skirt still on

In Japan the schoolgirl uniform is near to a national cult. Along with school girl themed Hentai and Manga this genre represents more a trend than a fetish.

Schoolgirls and sexual fantasies

The Japanese schoolgirl is the ultimate sexual fantasy. Although the costumes are similar with the catholic schoolgirl uniform, the plated skirt and blouse being designed after French and Prussian attires, the attitude of the Japanese schoolgirl is pure, experimental but naughty.

Japanese schoolgirls are a desired fetishistic image in western culture as well. Hentai porn being the active medium that this fantasy becomes more and more popular.

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