The teacher’s image almost resembles that of a dominatrix. She spanks, slaps disciplines punishes.

To those fetishists that indulge in the teacher student role-play the sexual association to their teacher started in early childhood. Most likely from a teacher that was physically attractive but in the same time authoritative and distant.

Submissive student

This role-play nearly always presents the teacher as being the dominant one and the student as submissive. The student of the pretend teacher is not the same as the role played by the Japanese or Catholic schoolgirl fetish personas who represent the active fetish but rather a passive student while the teacher takes the active fetish role.

Many boys grew up fantasizing about that one time when their hot biology teacher sit on their bench and her skirt slid up high enough to reveal her thighs. These same boys may be the ones that love to see their sex partners wearing the same kind of skirt that their teacher used to, a classy blouse and, to meek the looks complete, the unmissable cane.

Garment fetish and uniforms

The fetishistic fixation on a teacher is not entirely a garment fetish although the fetish requires the presence of the attire of a teacher but because teachers do not wear a uniform like let’s say nurses or police officers, this fetish relies more on the interaction and conversation that would happen between ┬áthe student and the teacher.