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Invite the mature escort for a dinner date

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Invite the mature escort for a hot shower

As soon as the mental acquaintance is over, the time has come to take the mature high class escort from Red Escort Service to your hotel room. Here the physical journey of discovery can begin. Undress the mature escort, take her to the shower and lather her up nicely. In addition to being exciting, both of you are now nice and fresh and ready for the love game to come.

Discover the erogenous zones of the mature escort

Now that you’re both clean, the pampering can begin. Have the mature escort from Red Escort Service sit on the bed, sit over her, take a little bit of massage oil in both hands and then slide it all over her body. Caress her erogenous zones and find out what turns her on. Try to spoil her in as many ways as possible. What are her erogenous zones? Think of the feet, buttocks, pelvis and her groin.

Give the mature escort everything she asks for

After you have also satisfied the mature escort with your tongue, and her whole body shudders with pleasure, it’s time to penetrate her. Ask her what she likes beforehand. She may find it very arousing when you massage her clitoris during sex. Or maybe anal sex really turns her on. Listen to her carefully, because open communication only benefits the sex with the mature escort.