Some like it ripe some like it as fresh as it’s legal. Many men are obsessed about the age their sexual partners be it young or old. Age disparity is a question of individual preferences, where one man gets turned on by an youthful, energetic, giggly teenager type girl, others prefer a more relaxed, wise, secure woman who has been around the block few times.

Age preference and sexuality

I guess it is all about one’s early experiences who they become attracted to in later adulthood. A man with who had a strong mother figure in his life might prefer an older and nurturing woman while a man who begun sexual experimentation at an early age already will prefer his sex partners to stay young as in his first experiences.

It is complicated to get to the real reason of why one man would prefer one or the other but those in question have always the right motives to give.This subject can become controversial if a much older man only fancies much younger girls and this behavior is mostly unhealthy but if it is kept in between the lines of legal and sexual intercourse happens between consenting partners, no one gets hurt.  Older women who date much younger men are more frowned up on by society and relationships of this sort remain mostly taboo.

In modern days it is a common sight seeing a young lady on an older gentleman’s arm. Having a younger female sex partner or spouse was always in the norms.