High class escort etiquette and rules of conduct

We sometimes notice there are different thoughts about how to deal with a high class escort. Some practical matters addressed.

Actually, it’s not so complicated. The regular etiquette – invented to keep manners between people clear – obviously is applicable to our high class escorts as well. Treat a lady like a lady should be treated. With or without a ‘reward’ in view: that’s what we like to see and that’s what our high class escorts like to see. They deserve nothing less than the most gallant treatment. There are some specific aspects concerning the interaction with an escort lady though. We hereby focus on some of them in short – although we presume you are already familiar with most of these…

When you book a high class escort

Let’s start at the very beginning: the phone call you make in which you request information about a high class escort or dinner date. Do you realize how often we get treated inappropriately, although we always remain polite? There’s no need for disrespect… There is one frequent ‘misunderstanding’ that we would like to clarify right now: when you call us, you will not get one of our escort ladies on the telephone. We run an office with a reservation staff, who knows each and every escort lady in person. Through a short conversation with you they can find the perfect high class escort who will match your desires. For instance, it’s no use to ask our staff if the ladies will have intercourse without a condom, or to ask if the lady on the telephone is available herself… The more well-mannered and precise you are during the conversation, the more our staff will do their utmost to find the perfect high class escort for you. And they wíll succeed…

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Experience tells us that it won’t do any harm to go over some do’s and don’ts concerning the interaction with a high class escort. Even if you are a true gentleman in everyday life, you will probably not book an escort every day. Some aspects perhaps need clarification.

To start with: please realize that your booking with an escort girl is a business agreement. Even though the escort will do her utmost to give you the ultimate girlfriend experience, she ís not your girlfriend. So, don’t get too personal. Don’t ask her questions about her personal life (“Do you have a boyfriend?”, “Do your parents know about your job?”) and absolutely do not try to get her telephone number or try to make an appointment with her directly instead of via the escort agency. Our lady will get her stuff, she will leave without paying you a restitution and she will report the incident to us. The result: you will never again be able to book a high class escort with us. In fact, it will also be very difficult with any other upscale escort agency – we maintain a professional network in which we keep each other informed about such incidents.

Act as if it’s a ‘first date’, also with an escort

A few practical matters now. Although they may sound logical, but due to the nerves, or because you think that ‘it doesn’t matter because it concerns an escort lady’: act as if your booking with our high class escort is a real ‘first date’. Wear an outfit of which you think it will impress a lady, take care of a perfect grooming and spray on a nice fragrance. It’s the least you expect of your ‘date’ as well…

And dear gentlemen, don’t even thínk to open the door in your boxer short, bathrobe or with a towel tied around your waist. The escort lady will turn her heels. Exactly as your ‘first date’ in everyday life would do…

Another important matter: take care of the finances immediately, and discretely. It is a real mood killer if the high class escort has to ask for the money. Absolute no-go’s: tampering, holding back some money, or trying to negotiate (by the way, don’t do that when you make the booking either – our rates are fixed, clearly communicated and are non-negotiable). After the financial settlement few things will remind you that the evening concerns a ‘business agreement’.

A nice atmosphere with the courtesan

We expect that during a first date you don’t ‘mount’ your lady immediately… Well, a high class escort lady doesn’t expect that either. We advise you to create a relaxed atmosphere. Ask the lady what she would like to drink, perhaps you can order a small bite from room service. Most of our escort ladies consider such a treat a very charming beginning of the evening! Just like any other date, we guess, the evening starts with a little chit chat. Tell her something about yourself, and let the lady tell you something about herself. Take an interest in each other. You’ll find out, before you know it your companion will go powder her nose – for you the sign to dim the lights and bring the champagne glasses to the nightstands.

Always High Class Escort

Once you’re in bed: respect your escort and ask for her preferences as well. You see, no woman is the same… Of course all our high class escorts are experienced bed partners, but they dó have feelings… After all, you did not book her for five minutes, and be assured that if she is treated with respect she will reward you extensively. To say a word about time: you also did not book the lady to ride her like a bronco for the full duration of your booking. Allow the lady, well within the time, some time to freshen up and make herself presentable again. Wham Bam thank you Ma’am is something we don’t know in our line of business and take it from us, the escorts don’t appreciate such an attitude. In fact (but you knew that already): not one single lady in the world appreciates such an attitude. Allow her the time and privacy to be ‘high class’ when she leaves you as well.

Escort Etiquette

On our website you can find a chapter ‘Escort Etiquette’, on which you can find in detail what and what’s not allowed during a booking with a high class escort. Again: undoubtedly for the most part it concerns matters you would take into account when you have a ‘regular’ date with a woman in everyday life. At least that is what we assume, considering you searched for the most exclusive escort agency in Holland. We warmly invite you to call us, book an exclusive high class escort and feel like James Bond for a while with the lady of your choice.

Please share your experience with us! We would like to hear from you how you experienced your booking – although we are convinced that words fail to describe your experience. Of course we hope to hear the same kind of story from our high class escorts!