Redheads are significantly more sexually active than their blonde and brunette counterparts. The bright, bold color indicates to men youth and fertility and of corse kinkiness.

Whether you love a redhead or you’re a redhead yourself, those vibrant tresses can actually translate into a wild bedroom experience. A sizeable majority of men love redheads and those men who love redheads likely focus on them because of their genetic rarity, their alabaster skin, constellations of freckles, and combustible temperaments.┬áThe genes that cause red hair are also responsible for other physical characteristics that make redheaded sex the best ever.

Redhead Escorts: Fast and Furious

Redheads respond differently to physical stimuli than men or women with other hair colors. Redheads feel hot and cold temperatures more rapidly and respond to pain differently than blonds or brunettes. This heightened sensitivity can easily translate into exciting sexual play with hot and cold lubes, ice cubes and even sex toys that trigger strong physical responses. With faster and fuller physical responses, many redheads report that it doesn’t take much effort to climax.