For a woman, having large breast implies that she is more sexually active therefore men who date women with large breast are supposedly more sexually potent.

Naturally, men are competitive and they want to have what other men want. Whether they admit it or not, guys like to brag about their partners and their own abilities. Men tend to like the aspect of showing their gifted busty partner like “Yeah, she’s with me,” even if no one is asking. It’s more of an unspoken rule.

Big Breast Escorts, to keep you busy

A sign of this constant competition is that a man can casually check out a woman, and he then immediately looks to see what her partner looks like. Guys love to be that partner. So, perhaps there is more than sexual attraction to explain this obsession with large breasts. Typically, the larger breast attract more attention. So, the more physically attractive your partner is to everyone, the more others will think that you as a man have potential to sustain such a luxury.

The breast has also been used to denote supremacy, possession, beauty and power. Whatever shape or size breasts a woman has, the result is always the same when a man is making love to her – a direct stimuli from from the eyes to the penis!

What are the best sex positions for escorts with big breasts?

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