Mysterious, dark, sensual, sexy would be the characterization of a man who is attracted to brunettes. If the blonde woman would is associated with an angelic figure than surely the brunette would represent the evil.

This is not at all like that, in the eyes of the men who prefer brunettes, these women represent the absolute turn on.
Brunettes tend to be taken more seriously and their dark appearance radiates more authority.  No wonder that the depiction of a dominatrix is also a brunette.

Brunette Escorts: mysterious, sensual and sexy

It is known fact that men approach blondes more frequently even they find brunettes more attractive, this is because blondes are less needy and, well, more “approachable”. A brunette is furious, moody and intimidating, many men fancy them but only the courageous ones dare to an can handle a brunette woman.

Most famous dark-haired classic women — such as Jane Russell and Audrey Hepburn — smiled less frequently than Marilyn did in pictures, so they appear pensive and mysterious.