Modern individuals have sex for pleasure but it is still our instincts telling us who we should mate with, fitness indicates a health and surely this would mean that a fit female can give birth to a healthy offspring. Our survival instincts control what we find attractive and what we don’t who we see as an arousing sexual partner and who is just not floating our boat.

Being attractive to a fit individual is what we would consider normal in now days society. Of course some men like their women curvy, tall or petite but surely this implies that what ever her body looks like she is comfortable with it and won’t run out of breath if the action gets too hot.

Fit escorts: Get your move on!

If you are attracted to a woman who has a nicely toned body and it is obvious that she works out regularly you expect her to be confident and proud to show of with her body and skills. That she will be energetic and wild and crazy in bed and you can enjoy her flawless body without restrictions. Also let’s not forget the aesthetically pleasing aspect.

confident and proud to show of with her body and skills

You’d expect that any piece of lingerie fits on her like on a model. In most cases all this is true, women who work out have in mind their health but also to be more attractive to the opposite sex. It is a fact thus, fit women are more confident and comfortable with their bodies that is why men expect them to have a higher libido and be a more adventurous sex partner.