Unknowingly we are still slaves to our basic instincts, reproductive more than any other. The attraction to big voluptuous buttocks comes from nothing other but the expectancy that a female with such feature is in good condition for child baring. The woman’s behind more commonly called “her ass” is larger caused by estrogen that encourages the body to store fat suggesting that rounded buttocks have evolved as a desirable trait because they provide a visual indication of the woman’s youth and fertility.

Attraction towards large hips and big ass are also a cultural preference. It is a known fact that people from some countries (where perhaps the emphasis is more on the women’s role as the child barer than any other function she could have in society) the men’s preference falls more on the hourglass shaped women’s body with somewhat grabbier features.

Spankable, grabbable, twerkable simply lovable!

And who can blame the man who loves a big jiggly, wiggly, wobbly pair of ass cheeks? The larger ass of a gorgeously proportionate woman is a men’s best friend. Spankable, grabbable, twerkable simply lovable!
Yes, those twerk movements would not be the same without those meaty ass cheeks; what a historical loss that would be!

Big Ass Escorts: it stands for itself

Impossible for any men to not get aroused by a pair of thin laced panties emphasizing the buttocks. Garter belts lay tighter and more secure the steeper the lady’s curves are. Imagine the shine of latex and the feeling of it nearly exploding on the generously curved behind of it’s wearer. The sound of your palm spanking that havenly piece of ass perfection.

For what ever reason females may have evolved with their prominent, voluptuous big asses, surely society found all great sorts of attributions for it! Man are happy to have it and women happy to be adored!

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