Discretion is desired by both the escort and the client, so often it is not desirable you write a review about your intimate time with the escort. But we live in a day and age during which we review everything on the internet, including intimate experiences with an escort.

Most high class escorts prefer that people do not post reviews about them. Privacy is very important to them, therefore they rather not see their private encounters publicized. So please do not post any graphical reviews about the escort. If you are one of the few that base decisions in the selection process upon reviews, I can tell you that Red Escortservice has a high clientele repeat rate as well as a high referrals rate. In addition, a lot of reviews are not real. They are posted by fakers or by the escort herself.

If you wish to share your experiences, make sure you are considerate towards the privacy of the escort. Do not share any recognizable information, such as the exact studies she is doing, a particular thing about her appearance such as the exact location of a tattoo. Also, make sure to remain tasteful and keep the juicy details about the sex to yourself. You have shared an intimate and special time together, this time will be different for every person, so don’t degrade the experience by making it available to the rest of the world.