Imagine: You have an exciting date with a dazzling high class escort, but while you’re having sex, you’re so excited that you’ve reached your peak in a moment. Of course, although you want to explode, you are hoping to delay this moment as long as possible. Especially, if you realize you’re not next to such a beautiful lady of Red Escort Service every day. Fortunately, there are some handy tips that can prevent your sex experience from ending to soon.


1. Point of no return Want to know how to delay your orgasm? Then learn to recognize the point of no return. If you are well aware of this moment, it’s easier to intervene as soon as you think you’re coming. Masturbating is a good tool here. How? During the masturbation, find the point of no return and try to remember how this feeling feels. Go on and then search the edge without ejaculating. Thus, your body begins to understand that sex does not always have to lead to an orgasm.


2. Determine the correct position Whoever wants to make the sex longer, works well to stimulate his glans penis as little as possible. This is ultimately the place where most incentives are created. Taking another stand can reduce these incentives, which makes your sex longer. For example, let the high class escort sit on top of you. This way you can not go too fast, so your glans penis is less stimulated.


3. Sextoys Using toys can make sure you do not explode to fast. This also makes your bed partner more enjoyable. One of the best is the Sleeve Easytoy. This allows you to prolong your penis and also stimulate the clitoris. You can slide this sexy toy on your penis, resulting in more friction and stimulation, which makes your glans penis less intense. An additional benefit: you and your bed partner enjoy longer sex.