A bisexual individual is attracted to the opposite gender and its own in equal measure. A bisexual woman can have sexual relations with both man and woman and chose for a relationship with either of them. A bisexual woman can be a blessing for the male partner because of the disinhibited behaviour of this. Bisexuality is not  a taboo and couples embrace the possibility of inviting one more person to play; therefore sexual experiences with a bisexual woman are often spiced up with an other woman joining in, double pleasure for the male partner. Some bi people are more romantically attracted to men and more physically attracted to women.

Bisexual escorts: double fun!

Bisexual escorts in Amsterdam are very popular due to the high number of tourist couples coming specially for the open minded vibe of the city. The initiator can be the female partner who wants to surprise her husband with an other lady or wants more pleasure for her self. It can be also the male partner gifting a gorgeous young escort companion to his partner to play with. Bisexual escorts are usually experienced with couples of all ages. The unexperienced couples need more guidance and the well experienced ones are more precise in what they like. The bisexual escorts knows how to please the woman and man equally so that no one feels excluded.