It is not as rare as one would think, golden shower or squirting is the fantasy if not sexual fetish that many share, the abundance of watersports porn indicates the high demand of this sexual interest.

Waterspouts is a slang referring to the involvement of bodily fluid in the sexual activity. The bodily fluid can be urine in the practice of golden shower or the female ejaculation more commonly known as squirting for which the exact source and nature of the fluid continue to be a topic of debate.
Golden shower can be given or received and it can be the fantasy of either the giving or receiving partner. In many cases the act of golden shower involves power play where the dominant urinates on the submissive partner, this too can be the desire of either the dominant either the submissive.

Watersports: not your typical shower

Squirting is the visual proof of an amazing, explosive orgasm. Every female is capable of squirting but only few are lucky enough to experience it. A woman can squirt by masturbation or with a helping partner but either ways penetration is required. It is not only pleasurable for woman but plenty of men are obsessed with the fluid gushing out their partners vagina. These men likely know exactly how to get their women to squirt and won’t stop before achieving it. It can be a major turn on for both parties. Squirting happens before or accompanying the female orgasm and it is supposedly the highest form of pleasure a woman can experience.