A central aspect of voyeurism is that the observer or “voyeur” achieves sexual gratification by seeking out opportunities secretly to observe another person , in their private space or involved in a sexual act. In essence, a voyeur spies on an unsuspecting victim to fulfill a sexual fantasy, which often is accompanied by masturbation.

Typically, the victim of voyeurism has not consented to being observed and is unaware that his or her privacy is being invaded. If it happens in an non-consenting manner, voyeurism is considered to be inappropriate, conduct and is often illegal. Voyeurism is a very isolated activity which prevents any type of emotional (or physical) connection with the desired object.

Webcam is the ultimate form of consenting voyeurism

It’s important to realize that a certain amount of mutually-agreed voyeurism is a normal part of many couple’s relationships. Therefore, a man may adore looking at his partner as she undresses for bed or as she sits in the bath.

On a wider scale, it’s been common over the centuries for men to happily pay in order to look at nude or semi-nude women in strip-shows and peep-shows. Webcam is the ultimate form of consenting voyeurism. The participants can watch each other anonymously and the physical interaction is missing. Webcam became an entire industry based on this convenience. The participating partners may act certain fantasies for their voyeur and/or engage in masturbation.

Characteristics of a voyeur

The distinguishing characteristics of the voyeur are that the viewing is supposed to be secret, their “victim” should be unknowing or act unknowingly of their presence. The voyeur expects hes or her subject to behave like they never anticipated that their body or their sexual acts will be viewed by an interloper. Voyeurism, seeks the raw and unaffected behavior and it is intended to pierce the veil of protection that a “victim” has set to protect his or her body from the eyes of the outside world, whether that barrier is clothing, a closed bedroom door or a shower curtain.

Many people, on the other end of the binoculars, simply find something intoxicating about the idea of someone bearing witness to their uncensored act of nudity or sex. This can take the form of the act of the unsuspecting victim of a voyeur or having a third party watching but not participating in the sexual act.

This form of sexual voyeurism is most common by couples that gain sexual arousal from watching their partner having sex with someone else. Seeing their partner satisfying an other person mostly serves as a confirmation of their partners attractiveness.