Not everyone wants to be a porn star, but everyone wants that confidence you get from looking sexy on camera Unfortunately, most people are far too body-conscious to experiment with such things and are living this only as a fantasy, as opposed to a reality.

Some may consider home produced erotica a taboo, but others find that with the right partner this can be safe, fun and best of all a major turn-on!

Is it a porn movie, or an experience?

Creating a porn movie for example can be extremely exciting, especially when you are the star in it. Many people fantasize about performing sexual acts in front of the camera, whether they end up watching it afterwards or not. However, if they do choose to watch, seeing ones self having sex is an intensely arousing experience. Moreover, it can boost your sex life and your self esteem.

Making your own erotic photos and videos is a great way to act out a fantasy. Some might even find that role playing becomes easier as this act goes on. Why? Because there are those who feel security in knowing that they’re ‘acting’ for the sake of the camera, which gives them permission to truly surrender to the experience. This experience could expose you to acts you’ve never imagined yourself doing – and you might end up realizing that you like doing them!

Play with that camera!

Playing with the camera as foreplay gives a rewarding visual stimulation for both partners. For those who respond well to graphic eye candy, a personal sex tape is an awesome way to cope with emotional stress that they experience as a couple, and may open them up to other forms of viewing pleasure such as porn movies or voyeurism.