Sexual fantasies about celebrities have been described as an obsessive-addictive behavior where an individual becomes aroused by the physical appearance, overly involved and interested with the details of the personal life of a celebrity.

Any person who is “in the public eye” can be the object of someones sexual fantasy (e.g., authors, politicians, journalists), but majority of the people that admit to their sexual fantasies suggest they are more likely to be someone from the world of television, film and/or pop music.

Who would not be turned on by the idea of making love to their favorite celebrity? Luckily the limitless nature of our imagination enables us to be with who ever we want in our sexual fantasies.

Celebrity fantasy: is it just the thought?

Thinking about an actor, actress in a certain role they played or as private person can arouse and increase ones sexual drive. Erotic fantasies though often directed towards the role in which the desired celebrity acted or the way he or she behave in that role, but it can also be the concept of a celebrity.

It is natural for humans to look up to individuals who receive attention because they have succeeded in society.It makes sense to feel different levels of attraction according to how successful they are because whoever is getting more of what everybody wants is probably more skilled, more likely to fulfill one’s needs.

There are also couples that welcome each other’s celebrity crush for the reason of their partner’s increased sexual drive and find in this erotic game pleasurable. If this fantasy is acted out, it can take the form of role play where one of the partners would dress or act as the other partners subject of fantasy.

An other aspect of this fantasy is when the individuals arousal comes from imagining them self as being the celebrity. Thinking of ones self as being famous and adored can derive great pleasure too. People that associate them self with celebrities may act like those they fantasize about and they are likely to dress as their preferred celebrity to increase or reach arousal.

Do you want to be a star?

Often, people that are aroused by thinking of them self as a certain celebrity achieve maximum of pleasure if they are being called by the name of the celebrity they impersonate. While celebrity fantasy what many people get of from there are cases that a harmless fantasy turns in to obsession.

Someone with a celebrity obsession seek compulsively for the presence of their subject of desire. Seeking out news, watching video footage over and over or worst cases this people can become stalkers of celebrities.