Sexual fantasies vary greatly between individuals; they may reflect past experiences, personal desires, Ideas,
or wild dreams that never happened and that you never really want to have happened.

Our sexuality is fueled by fantasies that  range from the  mundane to the bizarre and whatever form they take, fantasies can control our sexual encounters. Most of us have at some time wondered where our sexual fantasies come from and how they were formed – why we prefer certain kinds of sex; rough versus sensual, oral versus genital or why we get off on being dominant or submissive. Psychiatry’s two main manuals list certain sexual interests – such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism, sadism and masochism – as “anomalous” or “unusual”.

In the realm of sexual fantasies, diversity is normal.

In the realm of sexual fantasies, diversity is normal. Most of the fantasies people admit to are not found to be rare or unusual, and only a few are typical. Only few fantasies are considered unusual too. Some of which are most rare in women. These included giving or receiving golden shower, wearing clothes of the opposite gender, forcing someone to have sex and abusing a person who is drunk

Among men, also only few fantasies are less common: giving or receiving golden shower, having sex with two other men, or having sex with more than three other men. While fantasy often is treated as an ind individual behavior, partners sometimes “act out” shared fantasies to enhance their enjoyment of sex.

Some of the popular fantasy acts that couples love sharing include employer and maid, where the maid just loves to be at the receiving end from the master and of course the nice doctor sexually gratifying their needy patient.

To get into action, all that’s needed is costumes and some acting skills. Public quickies are popular fantasies too and plenty of couples live with the chance of an unsupervised corner or an empty square in the middle of the night. Still from thought to action is a big step simply because some fantasies should remain taboo.

Still from thought to action is a big step simply because some fantasies should remain taboo.

Man and women equally fantasize about having sex with someone else than their spouse and while this is a fantasy that one would not easily disclose to their partner, role playing  could be the closest someone one gets to this particular fantasy.

Heterosexuality does not exclude the feeling of excitement of a threesome with two men or women. Even though men rate the highest with threesome fantasies, many women are also aroused of the thought of performing or receiving oral sex from an other woman.

Sexual fantasies are real

We are all a little bisexual! It is nothing wrong with being a man that is curious about receiving anal sex therefore being aroused by the thought of it. There is also nothing wrong with a woman fantasizing about forceful sex or being masturbated by a complete stranger. Fantasy may enhance actual sexual practices but it should not be assumed that all fantasized behaviors represent a conscious desire.