Analingus is also commonly referred to as rimming, tossing the salad or a rim job. Analingus is a form of oral sex where the tongue is used to stimulate a sexual partner’s anus. Because of the many erotic nerve endings found in the anal area of both men and women, oral stimulation of the anus can be very pleasurable. 

Not everybody feels comfortable with the thought of anal licking or kissing their lover’s anus, or with having it done to them. But the fact is, many lovers are curious about analingus and often feel surprised by their interest, but when they try it, some become enthusiastic about it.

Many couples have an accidental introduction to analingus during cunnilingus, since the vaginal entrance is quite close to the anus. Sometimes a clumsy tongue meant for the lower vagina slips further south than intended, and the receiver experiences unexpected delight what most of the time continues with powerful urge to explore analingus further.

Analingus and the secrets of pleasure

For manny, interest in rimming develops from anal play. Most lovers enjoy pleasing their partner by alan fingering or using anal toys such as butt-pulgs and dildos,  many warm up to the idea of analingus too. In addition, sexual intercourse draws much of its emotional power from intimacy, partners deep acceptance of each other. Analingus is a way for the giver to say:  i want all of you. No part of you turns me off.  Such mutual acceptance can be a powerful turn-on.