Sexual penetration is the term describing the insertion of the genitalia, a body part or an inanimate object into a body orifice such as the vagina, anus or mouth, as part of sexual intercourse.

A man penetrating a female vagina with his fingers, tongue or any object can be part of foreplay or the sexual act it self if she reaches orgasm. Although women’s vagina becomes sensitive after orgasm, the man can still choose to penetrate with her wit his penis until he too reaches orgasm. If the penetrated vagina is too sensitive to comfortably accept the penis, the participants might choose an other way for the male participant to climax. Oral penetration is a great alternative! A felashio also called blowjob also consists of penetration. The act of the penis sliding in and out of the partner’s mouth stimulates the same way as a vagina would. A more performant vagina which can make knees go week.

Penetration: the art of making love

An other orifice that can be penetrated, and it is the délicatesse of all body openings, is the anus.
Anal penetration is for those who know how to appreciate and handle such strong and confusing sensations.

Recommended for anal penetration is to be started with the tongue (called anilingus ), than a finger and some more fingers, Only when the anus relaxes and it is properly lubricated, penetration will be at it’s best. Anal penetration can be fun for both participants if proper precautions are taken.

Men too enjoy their anus to be penetrated, a prostate massage can send any gentleman in to a screaming, trembling wave of extras.