When curiosity discovered pleasure is the moment prostate massage was born. I imagine a guy some time ago looking at his index finger and thinking about all the places on earth he can stick that in to. Because all the places on earth where not available to him,  he decided to stick it in to the one place that was available and right there. Must have been quiet a shock to discover how good that feels.

Most likely this is not the story how men discovered the pleasure they gain from manipulating their prostate but as much as it is taboo as often it is practiced by men of all ages.

Prostate massage: you dare to receive?

The prostate massage happens trough the anus and it can be done with the fingers or various objects.
It is indeed the most sensitive spot on the men’s body and those who experiment with it rise to not be entirely satisfied if the prostate stimulation is missing from their sex routine. The prostate massage, one can do to him self or it can be done by a companion.

Proper lubrication is recommended for the experience to be pleasurable. In case of the rectum refusing to accept the foreign body, it is not a wise idea to use force. The rectum is very sensitive to injuries and in case it occurs fun time will be cut short immediately.