It is pleasure in it’s purest form. It is how relaxation is supposed to feel like!

Imagine, you are laying on the bed, crisp white sheets in your hotel room. In your left hand there is still the gals o of champagne, your beautiful companion takes it and puts it on the night stand. She is already sitting on top of you wearing nothing but black, finely laced underwear. You are laying on your belly and she is seated on tour buttock. Gently she pores a scented oil on your back from the sensation of which you get goose bumps. You than feel her hands stroking, caressing your back going lower toward your buttock. Next she will repeat the oil poring on your ties and gently she will rub your inner ties and continue down till your toes.

She will return to your back, a little harder now, massaging your neck and shoulder. You’ll be surprised when she stops for a moment not knowing what is happening. In this time she will take of her bra and you’ll feel her touch you gently again but this time with her breasts.

If you are lucky, she will ask you to turn around and lay on your back this time. You as a gentleman will have to keep your hands pinned next to you and let the lady work her magic. She will repeat the same procedure of massaging your chest and abdomen than your inner ties and get an erotic rub with her breasts. If you are one of the lucky ones she will poor oil in abundance on her breasts and rub her self against your erect penis.

Try holding it together if you can. Eventually if you have not climaxed by the experience of your manhood between her breasts, she will give you a long lasting gentle hand job which will surely make you explode. The luxury experience of the erotic massage is for those who treat them self as they deserve it. Any hard working man should have part of this sort of pleasure as often as he can.