It can be soft and gentle or hard deep tissue massage, can be done with luxury oil or therapeutic lotions. Massage is many peoples favourite way to relax after a long day or treat them self for an exquisite experience.

What can top a mans experience of being rubbed and touched in all the right places by a gorgeous woman? A nice upgrade would be if she is naked!

Imagine a professional, quality massage done by a nude beauty who will lube you up and caress your entire body with her hands, only gets better if she decides to rub your body with her own.

Body to body massage with an escort girl?

A body to body massage is a dream come true. You, laying down while she will pore oil on her breasts and slide up and down on your body. Isn’t that how heaven feels like?

If you are more adventurous you might let her be free with her fingers and touch you at places that would be of limits otherwise. Yes! Prostate massage is one of men’s secret first choice, when ever it is on the menu.

One could get the experience a notch higher with opting for two ladies for their erotic massage. Two gorgeous ladies stripped down to lingerie or nude treating one’s body like it is expensive china or dig in to it like dough that needs to be worked.

If a man acts like a gentlemen should, he will repay the favour by giving the same treatment for his lady. Massage oils are always depend on personal preference. Lavender scented is one of the classics but one might enjoy a lubricant that gives tingling sensations or heats up by touching the skin. Multipurpose oils are also popular, the ones that you can use it on the skin and it serves as a lubricant during intercourse.