Shoe fetish refers to the sexual fixation on shoes, usually on high heals sandals and boots. The classic is the black stiletto heels – typically the higher the better. 

The fetish can be extremely varied, some foot fetishists might go crazy over sneakers with short white cotton socks while others are all about silky stockings and leather boots. It is not just the shoe but how it is used as well, and how they affect someones posture.

Some people like the smell, others like the looks, and still others want to see the shoes performing particular actions. Shoe fetishism in its milder forms merges into the popular culture; the vast range of women’s shoes available in mainstream shoe shops, demonstrates that low-level shoe fetishism permeates Western culture.

Do I just like shoes, or is it a fetish?

Men are the most to admit having a shoe fetish and also the obsession with women wearing high heels or them selves wearing high heels which qualifies as cross-dressing as well. Women can feel the same way about shoes too, but the majority of shoe fetishists remain men.

Aspects of shoe fetish can be also found in the D/S game where the submissive fetishist by kissing the masters’ feet relishes his physical, psychological and even social inferiority to the dominant partner. Also a signature item for a lot of dominatrixes is wearing shoes suitable for men with shoe fetish.

Shoe fetish is similar in principal to foot fetish but with the shoe as the total focus for arousal. Some shoe fetishists need only the shoe to be satisfied. Others will incorporate shoes within their sexual habits while to a high-level shoe fetishist, complete satisfaction is only possible when a shoe is involved in his or her sexual practice.

What is a boot fetish?

Boot fetishism is a sexual fetish focusing on boots. Boots are seen as the perhaps most fetishistic of all footwear and boots may be the most popular fetish clothing attire. Boots are usually seen as a sign of empowerment for the wearer, especially when worn by women. This may be a reason for the connection […]

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