Garment fetish is a sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing, where individuals derive sexual arousal from either viewing a specific item of clothing being worn by someone or individuals themselves wearing the clothing item of their fetishistic desire. Garment fetish mostly fixates on items such as uniforms used for role-play, leather and latex which are often associated with the fetish of BDSM or S&M as well. Fixation on lingerie is also common, whether lace or silk worn by women or men crossdressers.

Is a garment fetish applying to me?

As with other fetishes, the item that the individual has fixated upon normally has to be present for sexual arousal to occur. The source of the arousal may also depend on the material from which the clothing items are made or the function of the clothing on the person wearing them, like clothes that restrict a person’s movement or which accentuate a particular attribute of the body. It is also common for clothing fetishists to collect clothing items representing their fetish.

Whether the clothing serves any real purpose is debatable but clothes have long been a source of sexual arousal and fetishization. Lingerie fetish is one of those fetishes that has been around for so long and it had been so common that some cultures don’t even look at it as a fetish anymore. Garment fetishism has influenced more of how we dress today, the term ‘fetish fashion’ has now permeated into popular usage and is related to any style or appearance that has been created to be deliberately provocative and /or extreme.

Schoolgirl fetish, more then the uniform

Whether catholic or Japanese schoolgirl this topic has never been hotter. Dressing up as a schoolgirl is a fun activity that delights many wearer and viewers at the same time. The uniform and the role played with it reminds most of people of their more youthful and simpler times when their curiosity in the opposite […]

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Teachers & Uniforms, submissive students

The teacher’s image almost resembles that of a dominatrix. She spanks, slaps disciplines punishes. To those fetishists that indulge in the teacher student role-play the sexual association to their teacher started in early childhood. Most likely from a teacher that was physically attractive but in the same time authoritative and distant. Submissive student This role-play […]

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