A sadist is a person who derives sexual gratification from inflicting pain on another person or from threatening to do so. A masochist is the person that derives sexual gratification, or has the tendency to derive sexual gratification, from being physically or emotionally abused.

Dominance and submission is a way of looking at the sadistic-masochistic distinction, a power dynamic rather than a set of acts. It’s been said that those who are easy-going in real life tend be dominant in the bedroom, and those with type-A personalities are rather submissive.

It is common for the partners to set up an erotic scene in a deliberate way, building in elements of inflicted or threatened pain according to their individual preferences and mutual agreement. Roles can also be interchanged between the sadistic master and the masochistic slave. Costumes and aids – whips, paddles, chains, and so on – may all be used as attributes for sexual gratification.

Do I want to get into S&M?

Sometimes these aids are true fetishes, sometimes they are part of the fetish of pain and dominance. The most important thing to know is that the partners who participate in sadomasochism play have agreed to everything in advance. Everyone participating wants to do this and they have put precautions in place in case it stops being fun, such as safe words.  With that in place, they draw off of each other’s energy, reactions, and responses to build a dramatic scene and ultimately experience an intensely passionate experience together.

A woman who takes the sadistic role in a sadomasochistic sexual activity is also referred to as a dominatrix. In an age where men systematically rule, women more often enjoy being dominant in the bedroom. Women want to have their bodies worshiped, have total control and be begged for more.
Dominant sexual fantasies can include controlling a personal erotic slave, decking out in leather and embodying a true dominatrix, or sticking to an assertive version of yourself. This erotic game focuses on the woman mainly receiving the pleasure and the man giving it to her without question.

What is submissive fetish?

The Master and Slave relationship is based on an authority-exchange structure having as core value of service and obedience. The participants may be of any gender or sexual orientation. A Slave is a specific type of submissive. The Master and Slave relationship refers to the relationship between the individuals involved, and does not necessarily require […]

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