Being attracted to teens is normal in most cases if the attraction is towards young adults, teens being in their pubescent or post pubescent period.

This attraction is sometimes towards the youthful looks of the individual or the assumption of the teen being more inexperienced and curious for sexual experimentation. Sexual intercourse with a teen girl is of course of limits if the male partner is an adult, it is illegal and the legal age of consent differs from between countries.

Young escorts, common desire

Men who like younger girls say that they imagine a teenager having a sense of awe and wonder when it comes to sex and this qualities get lost with time and experience. The lack of experience might be appealing to man with lack of confidence in their own performance or the desire of being dominant in a relationship and the fear that they could not accomplish this with a woman their age.

Men being attracted to a teen for aesthetic reasons mostly want their partner to have an impeccable body and the energy, playfulness that only a teen can possess. For those who do prefer a youthful looking sex partner this can be a slim petite woman who passed puberty and is in legal age of consent.