Are you going to book a high class escort from Redescort Service because you want to experiment with anal sex? Then be patient. For the high class escort of Redescort Service it is important that she feels at ease and patience is also a requirement for you. So start with anal foreplay. This is how you work together step by step towards unforgettable anal sex.

Use lubricant

If you are going to have anal foreplay with the high class escort from redescort Service, always use lubricant. The anus does not naturally produce moisture. With lubricant you still ensure smooth friction, which also allows the sphincter to relax more. Which lubricant is best to use? You can use a water-based or silicone-based anal lubricant. The disadvantage of a water-based lubricant is that it dries quickly. So use a silicone lubricant. This dries up less quickly and can also be used safely in combination with a condom.

Start small and take it easy

Are you about to have anal sex with the high class escort of Redescort Service? Then start small. Also, take it easy. Anal sex is not something you should rush. Therefore, never immediately start with penetration, even if you have applied enough lubricant. Anal sex actually always needs some anal foreplay to make it a success. Therefore, start with the fingers, tongue or a small sex toy designed for anal stimulation. To slowly get used to the feeling of anal sex, you can use a butt plug set. This consists of butt plugs in different sizes. This way you can start small and slowly work your way up to a larger size.

Relaxing the anus

Are you going to have anal sex with a Society Service escort and take on the passive role? Then make sure you learn to relax your anus. Especially in the beginning you have a tendency to tighten your anus. To relax the anus, you can ask the escort to massage it gently first. Use lubricant for this. Just before you come or have come, it is often easier to relax your anus. That is a good time for the high class escort from Redescort Service to gently stimulate your anus with a toy or her fingers.

Switch sex positions

There are different positions that make you enjoy anal penetration with the escort of Redescort Service. Doggystyle, for example, is recommended. But the Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl are also suitable for anal sex. Try out different positions with the escort from Redescort Service. By trying different positions together, you will automatically find a position that works for you.

Stimulate other zones

Don’t forget to stimulate other zones. Most escorts cannot have an orgasm from anal sex alone. For this purpose, other erogenous zones of the escort should also be stimulated, such as the clitoris or the nipples.