Well, basically almost any. She’s versatile and can adapt to different social settings, from very formal to very casual. A nice romantic dinner is the perfect way to get to know each other and start the booking with. Having said that, I do have some recommendations.

The most important thing to consider is comfort. Both you and the escort need to be comfortable. If you are really not comfortable in a very formal setting, by all means; go to a more relaxed and casual restaurant. If you are worried about bumping into people you know during your dinner with the escort, then either book a private dining location or order roomservice. With regards to the comfort of the escort, it’s likely not a great idea to take her to the trendy hotspot she also visits with her friends. Neither will she enjoy visiting fastfood or all you can eat restaurants. And for obvious reasons, very spicy food isn’t recommended either…

In general, an escort is an¬†adventurous eater and will enjoy many types of cuisine in settings from modern, trendy and down to earth to elegant and luxurious. Fine dining is one of life’s great pleasures and often one of her personal favorites. If there’s any time to go “all in” with regards to luxurious dining; this is it. If you enjoy fine dining and gourmet dining, taking a high class escort to such a restaurant is perfect. She’ll not only fit right in, but she will very much enjoy a special dining experience.

Oh, and unless the restaurant is literally around the corner, you will be taking a taxi to and from the restaurant. You can not expect or even ask the escort to walk a few blocks in killer heels, take public transportation, or have you drive her in your car.