I can imagine it’s rather difficult to choose an escort from an internet page. You can tell a lot from the online reputation of an escortservice, but it’s not waterproof since fake reviews are rather common. I have often heard clients tell me about their ripoff experiences, during which an escort arrived, completely different from her online representation, and the client was still asked (or forced) to pay the full fee. So what to do if the escort who arrives is not what you expected?

Always stay polite and calm. Politeness costs nothing and getting upset will only escalate the situation. Now, with Red Escortservice this will never happen, but let’s say you are booking an escort from an other escort agency and upon arrival the escort is nothing like represented. She looks completely different, not dressed as requested, is an hour or more late, is much younger or older, looks like she is under the influence of drugs or lots of alcohol, and so on. Ask the escort to take a seat and explain to her how you feel immediately. As long as you remain calm and polite, there is no reason for anybody to get angry. Often, it is not even the escorts fault, it is her agency who misrepresented her. Most likely, an agency who is willing to misrepresent the escorts, will not shy away from still demanding full payment. Legally, you are not obligated to pay anything. You might get an angry driver at your door or someone angry on the phone. The easy solution is offer a small payment to the escort for her trouble and send her on her way. However, if this is against your principals, you have every right to decline payment. If you are threatened call the police. In The Netherlands, discretion is guaranteed.

But what if it’s a different situation. The escort looks like the pictures, she is dressed nicely, but for whatever reason you are just not feeling it. A reputable agency will not ask for any financial compensation and discretely exit the escort. They too will wish to avoid a fuzz or discomfort for you and the escort. An event as such is extremely unlikely but not impossible, so the escortservice will just prefer to remain professional, and hopefully keep you as a client for the next occasion. As a gentlemanly gesture, I would suggest to pay the escort half of the minimum booking fee, for her time and trouble, but that’s all optional. I encourage you to trust your instincts. Most of my clients knew right away that I was someone whose company they would enjoy. I think I’m very easy to get along with, but of course, I’m biased! I think it’s normal to be a little nervous or anxious in advance of being with someone new. Please rest assured that a high class escort from Red Escortservice is kind and accommodating, and will do her best to set you at ease. You are always welcome to tell her what she can do to enhance your comfort and enjoyment while you’re together.

Now, believe it or not; there are actual people who take advantage of the possibility to book the escort, have her arrive as agreed and then still decline her with some bullsh*t excuse, just for the fun of it. To avoid being confused to such a client, make sure to mention immediately (within 5 minutes), you are not happy with your choice. Do not touch the escort, ask her to undress, or be rude or disrespectful towards her. You will be confused with a client with bad intentions and required to pay the minimum booking fee of the escort. You will also be required to do so if due to your personal schedule you are no longer able to maintain the booking, that’s your problem after all, don’t make it the problem of the escort. You will also always be required to pay for the minimum booking fee if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.