In most escort profiles, you’ll find appealing pictures of the high class escort. On average, Red Escortservice will receive questions about these pictures on a daily basis. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can I receive extra pictures? No. All available pictures are on the website already. As soon as new pictures are available, they will be published on the website.

Can you send me unblurred pictures? No. The escorts have a very nice face, but they don’t want to show it because they have a very active life outside of these meetings and it’s for their discretion as well as yours. Escorting is just a little adventure for them!

Are the pictures real? Yes. The photos are all real, recent, genuine and a good representation of what the escorts look like. The escorts quite like the way they look and have no reason for deceptive practices surrounding their images. However, many escorts are told that their pictures do not do me justice.