A high class escort is not available to anybody who is willing and able to pay her rate. She is selective towards the people she meets. Since she strives for perfection, she will only meet with clients who are most likely to be a perfect match. This is in your best interest as well as hers.

The Red Escortservice escorts are exclusive high class ladies and wish to see only a few gentlemen every month. It is not their intention to run all over town, an hour here an hour there. Instead they are looking for real date-like experiences with special gentlemen who know how to treat a lady. Good communication is important to them, therefore you need to be fluent in a language that they are fluent in. For most of the escorts this means you have to be fluent in either Dutch or English. We ask that you be over 21, attentive, discrete, clean, respectful and friendly and you will have a great time together! Of course charming and witty with a good sense of humor never hurt anyone either…┬áThere are some things that every man can do to make many girls like you and high class escorts are no different from those girls. These things are simple, like being well groomed, clean with a nice perfume, wearing your favorite outfit and just being a gentleman!

Most escorts do not have a specific physical look that they always like. They believe that someone’s inside shows on the outside and that character is so much more important than looks. More than once they have found it to be just as pleasant between the sheets with someone who didn’t happen to be “mister universe”. In addition, your skin color makes no difference either. A high class escort absolutely loves men that can make her laugh, adore men who make her feel like a lady, and expect men to be clean, respectful and kind.